“About me” : the confession

  All of you guys might have a bunch of questions to throw on me. I know! One can never trust without knowing his/her attention. So here is the confession. I believe to be transparent in front of my audience.

Who am i? As a person, as a profession, as a blogger?

I’m one of you, who always dream to make their life happier, healthier and wealthier. No matter what, I’ll make myself memorable.

 As a profession, i ought to be an agriculturist with a degree of B.Sc.(ag), but i chose to be a writer, i chose to share my thoughts, feelings, life experience with you. I want to let you aware of what life is.

As a blogger, I’ve just started. It’s upto you how far I’ll go.

Why am i blogging,

  Firstly let me clear, I haven’t any intention to earn money through this blog website, this blog is maintained by my own cost and there is not any promotional or advertisers. If my audience find my blog enough worthy to relate to their own, I’ll be promoted by my audience.

  By blogging I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong or right. All I’m trying to show a mirror and to emphasize some particular topics of love, life, ambition with my point of view and According to my research.

You all are free to make your own decisions, you have all rights too. But i suggest to think twice before making any decisions.

The sum is that you’re your own boss.


The only thing that will stop from fulfilling your dreams is only you – Tom Bradley.


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