“Dear guys n geeks”

#Dearguys n #geeks
“sometimes we stop u to talk to some particular person, we stop u to be a open book, we stop u to dress well, we stop u to make ur outings late at night.”

    #Dear geeks,u might have thought – we r restraining u, we have been obstacle in ur freedom, we r getting over possessive, we r making boundaries n limitations, we do not trust u, we r jealous of u being happy, we r nt feminist,etc. Whatever u assume.

   But u hv to understand, we trust u, not the whole creepy world. We do never want to bother u, neither ever tried to be an obstacle. Never wanted to hurt u. But we r scared of loosing u.n we can never loose u at any cost.

  At many time we assume about something n predict, we might not be good in prediction. But we r good to know their attention who r pampering n looking sweet , but they r sweet poison, n internally bad.

N  dear #Guys despite of this topic u r never allowed to ruin anyone’s personal space, whether she’s is partner, girlfriend, wife, soulmate, finance.

Guys u should never make any boundaries n limitations for her, untill there is crucial condition.

Suggest her, rather than warning.

Pamper her, rather than yelling.

Discuss with her, rather than arguing.

Accept her, rather than expecting.

Ask her, rather than ordering.

Request her, rather than demanding.

Accept her as she is, love her as she is, there is no love after changing her. Love is unconditional. N if there there is conditions apply scenario, read the documents care fully😯

#feminism. #beArealMan guys

#understand her n him


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