Fan vs admirer vs stalker:what you are? Kalam Vs Michael Jackson

When we follow any successful personality we forget to see the struggle behind their success. When a sculpturer prepare a sculpture (idol), we only look the beauty of that idol, knowing nothing about how many times he banged his finger with the hammer.

I have always had an argument with my closest senior Ms. Mishra, we are just different on the basis of our likes. I like Salman khan and she likes SRK. She likes SRK due to his success and being king khan, while i like Salman by his kindness and being a great human being. So, there is much variation about what do u like and how do u like.

I’ve seen many, who tries to copy their celebs by their mimics, hairstyle, outfit, walking style. Some of you might have done this.

I’ve met with only celeb Mr. Ishwar pandey (international player), who is my neighbour too. The most thing i like about him, his down-to-earth personality and what he’s for me. Whenever i meet him i learn something new.

Its a spectrum… Let’s take a musician’s example: an admirer will come to the show and won’t mind being at the back, a fan will come to the show 8 hours early and and be right at the front, and a stalker will be sitting outside the tour van waiting for musician to step outside.

An admirer is someone who likes you, and it comes in a wide variety of varieties, and depending on why they admire you and how much they truly know you. A fan is someone who likes your work, or lack of. A stalker is someone who goes through your garbage, calls you up in the middle of the night and just breathes in the phone, follows you, and does other undesirable things, including threatening or killing you.

fan’ is informal, ‘admirer’ is formal.

While watching the news coverage of Late Mr. Abdul kalam’s death, I started thinking of comparison to pop star Michael Jackson. I realized MJ had “fans” and Kalam sahab had “admirers”. People loved MJ’s music and what he did on the stage, his personal life , however, left much to be desired. Kalam sahab on the other hand didn’t entertain people, wasn’t terrible spectacular, but was brilliant at his job and an incredible personality, and it literally impacted on entire nation. Kalam sahab was unmarried and happy with serving to the nation, while MJ on the other hand had a bizarre and often unhappy personal life to say the least.

The bottom like is that people loved what Michael Jackson did, but they loved who Mr. Abdul Kalam was.

Do you want fans or admirers? Are you more interested in what people think of you do? Or what you are?


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