“life through the eyes of a rape victim” (did you ever imagine how worst life could be?)

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in IndiaThe rape victims were among the age group of below 6 years to over 60 years. Madhya Pradesh has reported 4391 rape cases, a highest among the states, in 2k15. Did you ever imagine how worst life could be after being raped. Here I’m writing a horrible story revealing her feelings after rape :-

I had a life full of happiness, joy, love and ambitions. I was in love with a bunch of dreams to make my life happy forever, until that monster came and everything flushed away.”

“I left party to go back to home. Walking down on Street, waiting for cab, i felt like someone following and staring at me intentionally. I was scared to look back. I tried to run, he ran even faster. I fell down, he caught me. He was freaking monster double than my size. I tried to fight, putting all my power, kicking and pushing. He held my hands over my head, wrapping my mouth so i couldn’t make noise. I still tried to fight, but I couldn’t win. I was almost died when he removed my clothes, i was naked in front of a stranger cum evil. Everything flashed before my eyes my family, my life! I felt like something stabbed deeper inside me. I kept crying, sobbing in huge pain, but he kept thrusting till I could take it no more and passed out. Once he was done, he took his belongings and walked away, as if i was some kind of object. I was left to die. I tried hardest to pull myself up, i dragged myself and managed to walk as blood was flooding down to my legs. I went to the nearest police station.  It took forever to get that complaint lodged and some medical attention.”

My parents were angry because i had ruined family reputation. They said I shouldn’t have gone out to party and i made a mistake going to the police station.” The guy i adored my love! Didn’t support me too. He blamed me saying i must have done something to draw his attention. He too left me to fight my battle alone. I’m lost, I’m alone. I feel dirty, used and sick. Everything is over now. I have nothing to live for. I wanna die, kill myself, I don’t want to live anymore. My life is over , it’s over! “

Guys when are we going to get up and fight? Why everyone keep blaming the victim  for their dressing, behavior or even character? Do we even realize by doing this we are supporting the actions of such sick men in our society?

Nearly 3.27 lakh cases of crimes against women were reported across the country. Of these over 1.3 lakh were sexual offences.

The Indian Express news says :- Over 34600 cases of rape have been reported across the country, in 2015. Among these , in 33098 cases the offenders were known to the victim as per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data. Some research indicates that only 5-6% of rape cases in India are reported to the police.

Rape happens today because the country doesn’t stop rapist from raping women, but suggests that victim should alter their behaviour and live their life in fear.


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