“Life with “F” words and Complaints: How to deal with it.

Recently I’ve noticed almost everyone around the world is complaining about keep forgetting things; it is of either utmost importance or general daily life tasks. However the question is why and how we keep forgetting tasks even they matters to us? What are the possible solutions to tackle this issue?

We do hundreds tasks in our daily life and uncountable tasks in our entire life. It may include work life, daily life, love life, general tasks from giving someone a glass of water to performing an engineering or construction work. Everyone is complaining about one thing in common, forgot, forget, forgotten are common phrases we hear in day to day tasks for almost entire life.

The possible consequences of forgetting things and making errors could be huge financial losses including damaging ones reputation. The best example is in the past when the staff in the stock exchange of the Tokyo while transferring the information for data release in Japanese stock market Nikkei led to 427 Billion yen loss. It happened due to human error of writing million instead of billion…

However we can’t ignore these matters instead we find solutions. I remember one of reasons behind my father’s well organized life without making any errors was maintaining paper work and notes of his upcoming tasks and daily life including financial and health checkups and many others.

To combat these situations of “F” life, there are various solutions, such as, making notes to remember daily tasks and upcoming events and to set an alarm or reminder with date and time in ones smartphone and even asking someone to remind the particular tasks at certain moment (if you have that special one). Other possible and weird solution that actually works for my close friends and loved ones is to write on dairy or notebook and take a picture of that note and set that note as background wallpaper on your gadget..

Whatever the way we choose, the main purpose is to make it a habit in our daily life to not to forget our tasks. These simple solutions and changes can save our time and make us well organized.

 The bottom line is :- determination of changing ourselves and overcoming our limitations and weakness can provide us with the best thing in our life, which is happiness and self satisfaction along with peace of mind. 

Weakness can be rectified and eliminated only if we desire to do that  with practicality. We can overcome any habit and problems that may threaten to block the way to success in our life time.


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