love, break-up, exposed:why do people do so(how do they feel after being exposed?) (why they expose you?)

You all have heard these words! Some of you might know, how does it feel? But did you ever imagine how these emotions are felt by others? How do a girl/boy feel after being exposed?

Dear guys n geeks, you find yourself in very ease to surf a relationship on social networking sites. I’m pretty sure, many of you have done it, while not all of you are successful, some of you certainly are.

 I have a real life example:- one of my friends Ms Thakur started dating a guy who had recently exposed her ex by making their own naked video. I ask you guys, why do you do so, are you that desperate? Or attraction does matter more than your reputation and image.

One day you guys find a random boy/girl, you begin with knowing whereabouts of each other, texting Good morning/Good night wishes etc.

Here I’m telling you a research about love and      attraction :- Dr. Arthur aron made two strangers fall in love in a lab by starring into each other’s for several minutes and taking turns answering 36 personal questions. (Things like,”What do you find most attractive in a women/men? and “if you were to die this evening, what would you most regret not having told someone?”) That experiment was replicated by two friends— now lovers  whose story was published in the New York Times

Simply spending time, sharing thoughts feelings, experiences with people can give you an understanding of who they are. You learn a lot about a person when you’re in a relationship. But being in a relationship can only show you so much of a person’s true nature. We don’t treat everyone like we treat our significant others. When the relationship ends, for better or worse you will a great deal about a person you thought you knew.

 “When they told you they didn’t like dinosaurs existed, but that’s cute, right?”  You simply ignore it tell yourself they were jocking, or you turn their faults into something you like. You see then in a light you want to see them in to facilitate your attraction to them.

 When you break-up all those things suddenly going to seem like things you can not believe you accepted, much less found to be positives.

 When you start dating someone you, it’s normal to want to present the best version of yourself. You may change yourself to be more like the person your partner want to be with, while sometimes it overshadow your personality.

     Did you ever think it would be fun to be a fly on the wall to see how your partner acts when you’re not around, when you’re not an influence.

Break-ups are hard, understatement, may be, but still accurate. A break-up can be something eye-opener and reveal their true character, ambition and hidden personality. After break-up their mettle is tested amd their true colour come forth. Everybody goes a little crazy when their heart is broken, and some go a lot crazy, freaky, shows a side of them you have never seen before, tries to expose you, threats you. Many times it goes much harder for you when they show their freakiness by blackmailing you, threatening you, demanding something, telling your secrets to others.

Their might be many reasons why they try to expose you:- they think it’s not their job to keep you secrets, revenge and anxiety freaks them out. It lucky, they might prevent you breeding with anyone, inferiority grows by rejection etc.

But if you have that critical situation, I suggest you tell your family first, each and everything. Because they are the only person who’ll stay with you and support you, or you can consult with any counselor.

Please alays remember guys your one decision can either make your life good or worse along with your family. So just think twice before you choose a partner/mate.


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