Do your parents understand you? Why don’t they? How to bridge this gap!(edited)

How many times have you felt that your parents don’t understand you, that they don’t have any respect for you? How often do you find yourself frustrated and blame it on “Generation Gap”? Parents seems as an aleins from another planet altogether! You and they are different in values, viewpoint, and opinion and forced to live together under the same roof!

According to the Oxford dictionary, generation gap is only a difference in attitude between people of different generations. The generation gap is the accumulation of differences, difficulties and ideas between people born during different time period.

The elder are more critical of the younger generation with their never ending big stock of complaints and the young mostly tend to ignore the gambling, mumbling and occasional loud protestations of the older generation.

The progress of time and technologies makes the introduction of new ideas, new belief, new aspirations and new values. As a result it differentiate the young people and older people on the basis of viewpoints, social values and opinions in addition to the different mannerism and behavior. The young generation gets their knowledge from the ‘internet’ while the elders of their hard-earned, experience and profound book based knowledge. The difference can best be seen in the difference of hobbies, interests, behaviour and life-style.

The generation gap is the constant struggle of the parents. They prevent their kids to do such things that their own experience and wisdom tell them, is going to harm their kids. On the other hand kids try constantly to prove that they are enough grown-up, mature and equipped to take control of their lives. They want to live a challenging life. This attitude is completely opposite to their parents who want their children to live a simple, stable , comfortable life.“Nothing is wrong”- they both are right on their own premise. The parents are blind by their love for kids, their own experiences replace the experience of their kids. Whereas the kids are convinced that there decisions are right and based on current situation that the parents may not necessarily be aware of.

In ancient world, parents are given the status of gods and their commands used to be the final words. But it is not so at the present. At earlier time, the families had the eldest one or the most dominant one in certain way used to be the controller of the family and other people had to listen and fullfil at the cost of lives too. But now the children are not like remote. They are now independent and are aware of their choices and rights. We can’t blame on the childrens totally for not obeying every rule imposed on them.

This generation gap has always been there but these days it has reached to an explosive stage. The values and life pattern has been changed and everyone likes to live on their own way. It is now destroying family too.(edited) Teenagers are doing such horrible things which make their parents eyes widened. Many of them try to run leaving their family behind. Teenagers are being caught on such a criminal cases like murder, snatching, blackmailing, rape, etc. This happens when the gap doesn’t fullfil and also due to lack of conversation between parents and children. It make them their own boss to do anything. Which is making our country’s rank on the basis of crime cases.

 On the other hand. The elders look after the children and make all sorts of sacrifice to bring them up. Naturally they feel they have right over them. They want their children to follow their instructions and they have certain expectations from them. But the children, when they grow-up, want complete freedom in their thoughts and actions while it is just opposite to those expected by the elders.

Now how can generation gaps be reduced:-

-lots of communication with commitment which helps to resolve issues, understanding one another’s feeling and maintaining faith.

-spending much time together. Making decisions after consulting from every member of the family.

-people should aware of that respect is two way process. If someone wants respect, one has to show respect too.

(Edited) Not only the parents are responsible to bridge this gap but we are also. We always quit the conversation with a tagline “you can never understand me”, stop and think twice. Do we ever try to understand them? Parents are under a lot of pressure too. Like us, they have many problems which they never share with us and we don’t ask. Try listening to them treating them just like you would listen to a valued friend. Parents are human too. They may have dreams they’ve sacrificed because they want you to realize yours. Try to step into their and look at things from their point of view. Once you try, there two wonderful things happen; first, you would feel a new respect for them, and second, you will find that you can actually get your own way without arguments. Ask them how they’re going on their job, how can you help them, share your problems with them. Trust me guys they’re the best advisor and well-wisher of you. Once you start, you will see visible difference. And it’ll create the atmosphere at home.

If people starts to believe in their family, this gap will itself diminish. Take a step forward and try to bridge this widening gap.


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