“60 kilometers per hour”  #ambitionsession

Whenever we think about change, whether or not it is risky, we make excuses, we find reasons not to do something. How often we are afraid of taking risk, afraid of loosing, or afraid of changes. Think about if you really could change; where would you be? What would your future be like?

When we were kids, we were much brave than now. Anything we wanted to do, we’d just go ahead and do it. There was neither thinking nor planning but doing. We might’ve not been succeeded but at least took the initiative to do the things. Somewhere along the way growing up, we lot the courage. We stopped being passionate about change and lot the drive to fight for our dreams, we buried the desire inside. We became content with wishing for a different future without actually doing anything. We became timid.

Majority of people in our society are scared of starting a business. They are afraid of taking risk. So, let me tell you, you’ve already taken a similar risk just by going to school, investing many years of your life to get a bachelor and master’s degree, spending a lot in tution, while there is no guarantee or promises that you’ll actually find a job at the end of it. Compared to the time and money you have spent in the past, what’s wrong spending two years of time to build a business with your own masterpiece grand scheme. Starting a business means giving yourself the opportunity to create your own world, the future you want for yourself, the future you dreamed for many years.

Thinking it multiple times for many years, you’re wasting your time and opportunity. Why waste time thinking about what would happen? The amount of time on thinking is the time you could’ve started doing what you wanted to. Move on ahead, there’s much higher priorities elsewhere. Focus on those priorities to pursue something, anything, what you want to be doing in your life. Take initiative towards your dreams. The reason, the excuse, the person which are holding you back to not to pursue your dreams are just fear of change or are the person without risk bearing ability, who had done nothing on their own life. By letting yourself be held back because of these fears, you might loose your opportunity of getting your dream future.

Although running a business is risky but a significant part of those risks are highly dependent on you. The percentage of success and faster growth depends on the effort that you put in. If you run a business, you are the business. Nobody’s going to teach you what to do, how to do because success is not taught, it is earned. In the worst case if even your business fails  you’re much better than others who haven’t started yet.the experience you get running a business is the most valued thing. You can use it to build a new business or to modify your plan. But you won’t have regret at all, thinking what could’ve happened. Trust me, taking risk or changes in life isn’t as scary as some people make it out to be.

Riding over the roads you can see three type of people According to thier speed. First one, riding on 120 kmph is at highest level of risk, might fall down anytime. Second one, riding on 40 kmph is at lowest level of risk, is the people who is afraid of taking risk. Third and last one, the people at 60 kmph who often increase or decrease the speed According to the situation, is the one you have to. This is the smart way of taking risk.

It’s up to you whether or not it makes sense for you to take that risk.

The choice is always yours.


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