Treat yourself with these self-care tips for a healthier YOU

How often we found ourselves dragged from happiness. Either by carelessness or by focusing so much on other one/thing. Ask to yourself should/could we live without our happiness and peace? Absolutely not!

Self-care and self love is the most important thing in our live. It should be added to our daily life. Living along with these two things you will really feel amazed and surprised even with certain self-care exercise daily.

You can not love others, till you love yourself.

First and foremost, you have to learn how to love yourself with these tips to bring you back with more balanced and blissful lifestyle.

1. Stop pleasing others. pleasing others is a good manner and habit but sometimes it keep you away from your happiness too. At many point you come with  such questions; what will they think?, should i?, is this okay?, are you happy? By easing others you are getting out of your happiness.

2. Make a distance from drama and negativity. Negativity comes from unhealthy and negative peoples. Maintain distance with them and find your peace with positive atmosphere.

3. Don’t do, if it feels wrong. Our conscious mind always tells us whether or not it is good. Don’t do something which feels wrong.

4. Believe in yourself, never let your dreams and aspirations go away. Be yourself, be you. Value your dreams and aspirations.

5. Don’t try to control everything. Let go of what’s beyond your control. As Mark Zuckerberg has said it already. No matter how hard you try something will be left behind.

6. Learn to say ‘NO’. when you are always ready to say yes, most probably people could take you for granted. It’s easy to learn how to decline sometimes.

7. Spreading love. Spreading love contributes much to happiness. When you love someone you feel an inner peace and positivity.

8. Value yourself. Knowing your value can make your confidence higher. If you value yourself, people will too. Find Yourself within you .

9. Do never compare to others. When you compare yourself to others it brings negativity and inferiority within you.

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person, you were yesterday.

10. Stop overthinking, start learning. Stop overthinking and focusing so much on others. Learn from everyone, and everything….


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